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The soul of New Leaf is our Team!

Together, our families, trackers, therapists, and administrative staff: support, build, and create greatness in Salt Lake, Tooele, Davis, and Utah counties.

New Leaf Alternative works with the Utah State Department of Human Services (DCFS, DJJS, DSPD), providing contract services for clients referred to our program.
The population ranges from ages 0-21 and Adult Services for DSPD.
Our goal is to return our clients to their homes when possible and to the community as adults with skills, knowledge, and understanding that they will need to contribute productively to their communities while remaining crime-free.

Community Placement

The primary responsibility of these proctors is to provide a stable "home" environment

In addition to basic necessities such as food and shelter, New Leaf proctors also provide our kids with a life, a place to call home, and a family forever. Several of our homes have adopted the youth they foster and because of the great services, many of our youth go on to college and families of their own.

Tracking and Placement

New Leaf "tracker(s)"are a mentor and friend for the youth we work with; providing support, guidance, and vision, They maintain daily contact with their kids and provide continual updates to the team.

A distinct function of New Leaf trackers is to arrange and coordinate all services indicated in the client's Treatment Plan. They also serve as the critical communications link between all individuals who provide specific services to a client (e.g. proctors, therapist, teachers, etc.), helping ensure a properly focused effort on behalf of the client


The focus of New Leaf therapy is to help clients gain greater insight and understanding into the behaviors that brought them to custody, as well as resolve issues that may hinder their progress toward termination.

This is accomplished in a relaxed, non-threatening environment where clients feel comfortable discussing their issues and needs. To accomplish therapy goals, our therapists use individual, family, and group therapy (when available). Optimally, all three are utilized in the course of a client's treatment.