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Class is in session.. grab a pen and paper!

Training today will be about 3 hours.


Take notes and create your plan as you go through the paces of new-family training, you'll be done before you know it and have a head full of info too.

We begin with introducton topics. Each topic is followed by a short quiz. When applicable; there will be a form or worksheet to fill out. Post it up in your home, and you will be better prepared for your home review.

Learning how NLA operates NLA Informative, no quiz
Structure (1) Structure 1 and 2 quiz together
Boundaries (2) Boundaries Quiz
Rules (A) Rules A and B quiz together
Chores (B) Chores Quiz
How to prepare my home Home Quiz
Orientation to the contract 1 Contract1 1 and 2 quiz together
Orientation to the contract (Grad Sanct/Levels of care) Contract2 OFF-LINE Quiz
R501-12 rules VideoR501 Quiz
Zero Abuse and Harassement Video Doc Quiz