Supervision Plan

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Supervision Plan Overview

  • New Leaf Alternative is a 24/7 supervised community-based placement program.
  • New Leaf's primary goal is to help clients to acclimate, learn, and receive assistance to normal living in society and community. This includes, but is not limited to: family living, work/jobs, community resources, transportation, medical, educational opportunities, etc.
  • This specific supervision plan is applicable to clients that are at the responsible age and maturity for some self-guided community time.
  • Level system is nonintrusive as we are work with clients to adjust to a community-centered lifestyle. Level system is naturally gauged by privileges received and recanted.
      • Case manager completes placement requirements and client comes into a proctor home
      • Client is level-one house arrest for two weeks (unless otherwise specified, per the team)
        • Client reviews house rules, chores, routine, family member(s), CFTM
        • No curfew is assigned at this time
      • Client moves to second-level and limited curfew is assigned
      • Client moves from second-level to third-level
        • Advanced privileges and resources are made available
      • Client moves from third-level to fourth (and final) level then graduated privleges and resources are completed
        • Client checks in with tracker as per CFTM guidlines
        • Client checks in with foster family and designates afterschool plan (including but not limited to: location, friends, visitation schedule, permission, therapy, work, phone numbers, availability, etc) and receives family plan as outlined (including, but not limited to: dinner times, chores, homework, family plans, and events, etc)
        • Client is where he/she says he/she is and a tracker/proctor parent has access to follow up
          • This is primarily applicable when client is not at the proctor home
        • Client has access to home if proctor parent has stepped away
        • Proctor home does not leave Client unsupervised ( age and maturity appropriate) for more than a few hours at a time (included but not limited to religious participation, parent date night, grocery shopping or errands)
        • Client is home by curfew
      • If Client is not home by curfew or in the location as assigned within 15 minutes of the designated time, then the call chain is executed, including but not limited to: police, case manager, proper DHS division, NLA administration, etc
      • It is the case manager's responsibility to alert any family of the Client; New Leaf will follow as directed per case managment