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Class is in session.. grab a pen and paper!

Training today will be about 4 hours.


Take notes and create your plan as you go through the paces of new-family training, you'll be done before you know it and have a head full of info too.

This section covers basic human developement, deficits in development, and parenting health foster children. Each topic is followed by a short quiz. When applicable; there will be a form or worksheet to fill out. Post it up in your home, and you will be better prepared for your home review.

Natural Developement (1) PowerPoint See Quiz A
Development from abuse and neglect (2) Video See Quiz A
Sexual abuse PowerPoint not live See Quiz A
Grief, Trauma, Loss, and Anxiety Video See Quiz A
Gender Specific Issues PowerPointnot live See Quiz A
Cultural Sensitivity and LGBTQ Article Quiz A
Mental Health Videonot live See Quiz B
FASD, TBI, ASD PowerPointnot live See Quiz B
Drug and Substance abuse Video See Quiz B
Behavior Disorders/Management Video See Quiz B
General Parenting Skills/PCC (A) VideoPCC See Quiz B
Discipline Methods not allowed (B) Videonot live See Quiz B
Discipline Methods that work (C) PowerPoint See Quiz B

Understanding your resources (individual needs/specific client care)

Videonot live Quiz B